Traffic Jam

from by Hullabaloo



Every road trip gets bogged down in traffic at least once. Even when dad explains why we had to stop, it seems like everyone should just go, go, go!


We’re sitting on the freeway, hardly moving at all
Somewhere up the road a ways someone’s engine stalled
They’re safely on the roadside and help is on the way
But everybody stops to look so it might just take all day

Why is everybody going so slow
Why doesn’t everybody just go, go, go
Let’s get the show on the road, I’ve got places to be
Put the pedal to the metal, man, and set me free

Dad says there’s just too many, cars on the road
When everybody drives at once the system overloads
He calls it rush hour traffic, but I have to disagree
It doesn’t seem like anybody’s rushing to me

This is Ron Handsome with your eye in the sky
It seems we have a sig alert on the 805
So don’t count on getting home before the morning comes
This traffic report is brought to you by Tums


from Road Trip, released June 1, 2011



all rights reserved


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